Margaret Marie Lomio
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I Promise You

Not that life will be easy simply because I am here,
But that I will gladly take, at the very least,
Half the weight of any burden that you may carry;

Not that you will never be frightened or lonely -
But in the moments that you are,
I will remain
To hold your hand and whisper to you
  of my absolute love and devotion;

That at those times
When the sounds of this world,
Or maybe just the noises in your own head
Are too loud and too harsh -
I will hold you in the quiet of my heart
Where you can hear nothing
  but the suggestion of love and peace.

I Promise You -

That I willingly give my life for yours -
Because you and your life
Are more important to me
Than myself and mine..
Margaret Marie Lomio
Copyright 1993

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Certain selections from the I Wish You Love collection
       are included in this Edition of I Promise You
             as requested favorites by our readers.

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         "I Promise You transforms crisis and the chaotic
       into the stuff of celebration,
and finds the love beyond suffering
that gives her words genuine currency
and human life real meaning.
So many beautiful thoughts, so much love...  such great faith ! "

James Kavanaugh
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